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Thank you for taking the time to visit DJ Ryan He has been a mobile DJ entertainer for over a decade and loves what he does! He is an excellent Emcee and a true crowd pleaser specializing
in wedding receptions, corporate events, bar/bat mitzvahs and schools.

While working as a DJ/Emcee he has helped raise thousands of dollars for organizations
such as Children’s Miracle Network, Make a Wish foundation and Muscular Dystrophy
Association. DJ Ryan Rousseau is passionate about providing exceptional service with
integrity, accommodation and class. His goal is to ensure your event meets and exceeds
your every expectation.

DJ Ryan Rousseau will leave you saying “I am so glad I did” instead of “I wish I would have”

I would highly recommend Ryan Rousseau to any future bride. Although his price is higher than other DJ's, he is worth the cost.

My husband and I attribute much or our wedding reception success to Ryan Rousseau! We wanted to host a New Year's Eve party that people would be talking about for years to come, and we did!

We were so pleased with Ryan's ability to interact with the crowd, and read the situation to keep the party going! In addition to being a wonderful DJ he was great to have around before the wedding began.

He is very professional and dependable; he literally put me at ease.

I know that if any problems arose he was going to take care of them. For example, he went as far as to fix the technical details that our venue overlooked.

During the ceremony he re-directed our wedding planner when she played the wrong music for the candle lighting ceremony.

Having Ryan around is like a great insurance policy. You know there will not be any problems, and you are going to have a great party!! Thank you Ryan, for making our wedding unforgettable.

Edward and Shimea Hunt - 12.31.10